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Our Services

18Tech brings to you best services for PC repair and performance optimization. These can be broadly categorized into the following:

Operating System Support

We offer computer services for leading operating systems like series of Windows OS, Macintosh and Linux, on both desktop and laptops. We improve system functionality optimizing your Registry settings and browser module perfectly. Besides, here you will get a specialized assistance for OS upgrade. We also help you to remove unwanted applications from your system tray.

You can expect the following as part of the package:

Windows7 Support

Vista Solutions

Apple MAC Support

Windows XP

Linux Set-up

PC Tune Up Support

Our technicians make your PC installation perfect and configure it according to your preference. We also enhance your overall system performance by cleaning up the fragmented files, internet tracks and other unwanted program files stored in many hidden files on your computer. We also guide you to install the latest software and hardware updates for your system. This service domain also includes PC networking and internet issues.

You can expect the following as part of the package:

PC Set-up

Internet Set-up

Network Setup/Support

Wi-Fi Setup

PC Software support


Legacy system software PC Peripheral Support - We provide tech support services for your essential computer peripherals like printer, scanner, web camera, sound box etc. Our specialized technicians take care of respective driver installation and software configuration process. We analyse and execute error messages and resolve the issues instantly.

You can expect the following as part of the package:

Printer Support

Scanner Support

Digital camera support

MP3 Player Support

Apple Product Support

PDA/Smartphone Support


PC Security Support - While Macintosh computers are known to be less vulnerable to malicious attacks than Windows, many security issues are still there for Mac machines. We suggest advanced tools and techniques to scan and shield your system completely. Our technicians offer reliable data recovery and backup services to save your precious data from accidental damage.


You can expect the following as part of the package:

PC Health Checkup

Virus Removal Support

PC Speedup Support


All the services as listed above cater to specific technical support needs of the clients. For your branded personal computers or laptops the search for online PC repair services ends here. Whether it is Dell or Hewlett Packard, our experts can look into all the PC problems.

Also, as the Microsoft Operating System is used by many computer users around the world, our certified experts can assist you if and when you experience boot problems or see blue screen errors. Computer help is now available over the phone or through chat support. With our remote access services we take control of the entire process of PC problem resolution.

Internet has become extremely popular over the years. For communication and to make use of online services we need the internet. Browsing issues come in the form of problems with the internet browser, slow internet speed, etc. With our internet support services you can quickly get back to using the internet.

Our email support services ensure that no PC problems come in the way of communication over the internet. Professionals will be able to carry on with communication as required. This would come about quickly as problem diagnosis and repair is easy with our services.

If slow PC problems are impacting the normal PC usage then our PC performance optimization services will ensure that your PC runs at its peak. Windows 7 Migration Support is available too in case you are having a difficulty with the same.

  • Set-up & Install Computer support for set-up, installation & configuration of software and peripherals like Printers, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, etc...
  • Diagnosis & Repair Instant access to tech experts for troubleshooting and repair of PC, software applications & connected devices.
  • Virus & Spyware Removal Remove viruses & spyware, install security software & schedule scans to protect your data & online identity.
  • PC Optimization Double the speed of your PC with optimization & computer support for highest productivity while reducing your energy costs.